Airplane mobile...

Today I'm going to show you how I made the airplane mobile for the boys bedroom. It was way easy and they LOVE it.  

I just took two different sized embroidery hoops and spray painted the inside section from them.  The one that does not have the little screw thing in it.

Then I used a cute rainbow ribbon to hang it from the ceiling.  I weaved a bunch of fishing line between the hoops and through the middle of them to give something to hang the planes from.

Then I cut a bunch of airplanes out of double sided scrapbook paper.  I made big ones that are half of a 12x12 sheet.

And some teeny tiny ones from 1/4 of a 12x12.

Then just randomly tied them to the hoops with fishing line.  It was good to have both sizes because you have to balance the weight out so it will hang evenly.

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