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Paint Chip Bookmarks {Handmade Holiday}


Do your kids give each other gifts? Our older kids that can earn money buy their little brother and sister something and I help the little ones make something. We used to give the kids a set amount of money and take them to the store to pick stuff out but that is expensive if you have 4 kids and I don't think they learn much about giving if they are spending your money!

Our youngest is 3 and this year she made bookmarks for her brothers. We made some out of glitter paper and a few out of leftover paint chips. You could use cardstock or any kind of stiff paper. She helped wrap them (in bright pink birthday paper LOL) and is so excited to give them to her brothers.

I'm going to let the pictures explain themselves today. My kids are all out of school and I want to go do something fun with them!

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Paint Chip Labels {Playroom organization}

Now that Halloween is over I'm ready to start thinking about Thanksgiving...then after that Christmas!  Can't skip Thanksgiving! I don't usually start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving but start cleaning up my house and throwing stuff away in November.  Especially the toys, I purge the ones the kids don't play with and get some ideas of what stuff they may want. As part of organizing I thought I'd make some cute labels for the storage bins. The bins are part of the Trofast storage system from Ikea. They came unfinished and I primed and painted them.

The playroom is really colorful so I thought some paint chip labels would be perfect.  With pictures and words so none of the kids have any excuses for not helping pick up!

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