Paint Chip Labels {Playroom organization}

Now that Halloween is over I'm ready to start thinking about Thanksgiving...then after that Christmas!  Can't skip Thanksgiving! I don't usually start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving but start cleaning up my house and throwing stuff away in November.  Especially the toys, I purge the ones the kids don't play with and get some ideas of what stuff they may want. As part of organizing I thought I'd make some cute labels for the storage bins. The bins are part of the Trofast storage system from Ikea. They came unfinished and I primed and painted them.

The playroom is really colorful so I thought some paint chip labels would be perfect.  With pictures and words so none of the kids have any excuses for not helping pick up!

I had a pile of paint chips that have been collecting in the garage in lots of different colors.

I just went into my Mac word program and typed up what was in all the bins. I used a simple arial font in 68 pt. I have a kindergartner so I thought the words with the picture would help him recognize the names of the toys.

I took a picture of what was in each bin. Then printed it off them off in iPhoto using the contact sheet setting.

After cutting out the words and picture I taped them to the paint chip.

Then stuck them into a laminating sheet, 4 would fit into each sheet.

Ran the sheet through the laminator.

Cut out the labels.

Then I taped them onto each bin. Easy, cute and colorful!

Now my kids can't whine and say they don't know where anything goes!

I took lots of pictures of the new Playroom today and will have a whole tour post coming up Friday! I used most of the same stuff from our old playroom and added a few touches since it's a bigger space.


Striped rug: Ikea Strib
Bins: Ikea Trofast storage
Curtains: Premier Prints Elephants Chartreuse/White
Laminator: Scotch TL901
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