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Ruffled 4th of July wreath made using a pool noodle and felt

I love ruffly felt wreaths.  Remember the ones I made for St. Patrick's day and Easter?    When I saw this adorable 4th of July wreath from the Capital B I wanted to make one for my house too! The best thing is that the wreath only cost me $6!

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Three Easy Turkey Crafts {Thanksgiving}

Every year I do a couple little turkey crafts with my kids. My older boys still participate. Though their turkeys each have at least 10 eyes and look more like aliens then turkeys.

This year we made a handprint turkey, pinecone turkey and yarn ball turkey. All pretty easy and took less than 10 minutes each. I used a hot glue gun to glue them together and my older kids helped my little ones. If you wanted a bunch of kids to do these you would want to use elmers or some other kid safe glue that would be safe and not get anyone burned!

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