Ruffled 4th of July wreath made using a pool noodle and felt

I love ruffly felt wreaths.  Remember the ones I made for St. Patrick's day and Easter?    When I saw this adorable 4th of July wreath from the Capital B I wanted to make one for my house too! The best thing is that the wreath only cost me $6!


1/2 yard each of red, blue and white felt(I bought mine at Joann's on sale and it was $1.50 a yard)

A dollar store pool noodle (found this awesome idea on pinterest too-genius)

Paper for stars

Push pins

Start by turning your pool noodle into a wreath form.  Just make it your desired size circle, cut off the excess noodle and tape it into a circle.

Then trace a ton of circles onto your felt and cut out.

It takes A LOT of circles.  I used 1.5 yards of felt.  1/2 yard of each color.

Fold felt circle in half.

Fold in half again and pin to the wreath.  Repeat a zillion times!

Once the felt circles were all pinned I punched some stars out of glitter paper with my star punch and then hot glued them onto to the blue felt part.

Then just pin some ribbon to the back of your wreath to use as a hanger.


Loving that I got to use glitter and ruffles in one project!

Have you used a pool noodle for a wreath yet?  I don't think I'll ever buy another wreath form again, it worked so great!


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