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Dinosaur Boy Bedroom {Curtains and Desk}

I've been doing my 40 bags in 40 days inspired by Sarah at Clover Lane.  Seriously am SO happy to be getting rid of stuff.  Somedays I feel like my job is to care of my families stuff and we just have way too much of it.  I would rather be spending my time doing fun stuff instead of taking care of stuff!  Going through the closets and bedrooms started a whole room rearranging thing.

Two of the boys traded bedrooms and we sold the smallest boy's bunkbeds.  After 12 years my house is bunkbed free!  Hip Hip Hooray!  I'm getting too old to climb a ladder to change sheets. New room, new theme I say.  Mostly I say I'm SO sick of Star Wars.  The boys have had that bedroom theme for years and I'm just tired of it.  So we are going dinosaur.  Goodbye navy.

Hello grey and white dinosaurs!  I made these curtains the same way I did the drop cloth drapes but you could do a no sew method like the houndstooth curtains too.

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