Waverly Lovely Lattice Living room drapes

So excited to have my living room drapes finally finished.  Such a tedious project but they turned out so great!  Love how they look with my freshly painted lamp.


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Living room Lamp redo...

Do you have one room in your house that just BUGS you?  I do.  It's the living/family room.  It is just such an awkward space that I've had a hard time figuring out what to do with it.  There is no solid wall in the whole room.  There is the cut out/window thing into the dining room.


Then looking the other way is bathroom, coat closet, stairs and front door.


Then two windows and a electric baseboard heater that means you can't put any furniture by the window.


I've ignored this room for months and just sigh when I walk thru it (a hundred times a day).  But now I'm doing something about it and I'm starting with the green lamp.


This is the before after I already took it apart.


I sprayed on 2 coats of BIN primer.


Followed by three light coats of Rust-oleum Night tide in gloss.  Love!  I may recover the shade in white so that it will pop against the wall.  It just kind of blends in.


Now for the rest of the room!

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Office/Craft room tour...

I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago so I'm been missing from the internet.  Get you wisdom teeth out when you are like 18 not in your 30's after you've had a bunch of kids.  I'm sure it's way easier if you have your Mommy to take care of you plus you won't have to watch Dora cartoons.  It was awful but at least it's over!

I'm declaring the office/craft room finished!  I love it.  The kids love to sit and color at the table and it's been great for homework and sewing projects too.  The corner desk is awesome.  The best thing is that I can do quick paint touches whenever a certain toddler makes a scribble somewhere.

The walls are Sherwin Williams sea salt.  The rug is from Lowe's and I got it on clearance for $20.  The curtains my Mom made and the fabric is Amy Butler Love from here.

Other details:

Magnetic chalkboard
Corner desk

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Office fabric dresser...

Remember the corner dresser/bookshelf in the office?

We got rid of the bottom part to make room for my new corner desk but I still wanted the shelf part.  So now I have this!  I painted the back of it Sea salt by Sherwin Williams to match the walls.  Love!


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Big girl room, a little tour.

So we've been updating E's baby room for the last few months.  I still need to make a curtain decision but other than that it's finished.  I was thinking some white curtains with a strip of Amy Butler Love sewn a few inches from the bottom like Janell did to these curtains.

Her pink play kitchen got moved to her room at Christmas and we've just left it.  I can hear her playing with it at nap time but usually after a few minutes she climbs into bed and goes to sleep.  She is loving her $50 Craigslist bed and sleeps way better in it than the toddler bed.  The nightstand is an old one that went with our old newlywed bedroom set.  I painted it white and added the cute glass pull.  Lamp is from Target and still not plugged in or with a lightbulb.  Maybe when she's 3.  The bed is topped off with her super ruffly duvet that she loves.

Ellie's big girl room

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Most adorable bench ever, Ana-White rustic bench

I wanted a bench for the kids craft table in the office  If you have more than one kid than you can understand the glory of a bench vs a chair.  No fighting or shoving about who gets to sit on the chair. Benches have a spot for more than one bum!  Yay!

I've had Ana-White's small rustic bench on my list for awhile.  So many ways to use it.  It would be so cute in the bathroom, entry or even on the front porch.  So cute in fact I had my husband build two.  It cost less than $30 for both of them and didn't take him too much time.  Just 20 minutes (which is what I say about EVERY project).  It will just take like 20 minutes don't ya think honey?  In fact it probably took about an hour or so for each bench but he used to build houses which is why I made he so lovingly offers to do most of the woodwork at our house.  If I built the bench it would have taken 8 or 9 hours.

Ta-da! I painted one of them my favorite pink, Behr's powdered blush.

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Ana-White Narrow farmhouse table...

I needed a sewing table for my new office/craft room.  I wanted something super sturdy since my old sewing table would shake when I was sewing!  I also wanted something that I could repurpose in a different house since my husband is a Marine and we move a lot.  Plus I am loving farmhouse tables lately. So I chose Ana-White's Narrow farmhouse table.  Love!  We used MDF for the top because I wanted a solid surface instead of the slats.  LOVE how the slats look but my two little ones are going to use this as a craft table when I'm not sewing.  You don't want slats on your art table because then your pencil will poke a hole in your paper and there would be much crying over your ruined art.



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Craft room/Office Magnetic Chalkboard...

One more office project finished!  I'm getting so excited to get working in my new office/craft/sewing room instead of working on it!  Today I'm going to show off my  new magnetic chalkboard.  I used to have a cork board in here but never actually stuck anything to it because I kept the tacks hidden from the boys so I had to search them out to pin something up so it just never happened.

Then I saw this post from Less than perfect life of bliss on her magnetic chalkboard!  Perfect.  I tried the magnet paint before when I did a redo on my Dad's office and after like a bazillion coats it still wasn't very magnetic.  I never thought of using sheet metal.  This is why I love blogs.  So many great ideas.  So now I have this:

Magnetic chalkboard office2
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