Ana-White Narrow farmhouse table...

I needed a sewing table for my new office/craft room.  I wanted something super sturdy since my old sewing table would shake when I was sewing!  I also wanted something that I could repurpose in a different house since my husband is a Marine and we move a lot.  Plus I am loving farmhouse tables lately. So I chose Ana-White's Narrow farmhouse table.  Love!  We used MDF for the top because I wanted a solid surface instead of the slats.  LOVE how the slats look but my two little ones are going to use this as a craft table when I'm not sewing.  You don't want slats on your art table because then your pencil will poke a hole in your paper and there would be much crying over your ruined art.



In progress.


With the top on.  We used thin molding for the top edges so the MDF doesn't show.


Love the look of the legs.


I primed it and then painted it with the same paint as the desk.  Sherwin Williams dover white in enamel paint.


We modified the table from the original plans to make it smaller so it's about 58" wide and 24" deep. Perfect to hold my machines but still have enough space to draw and color.


I ended up using some leftover Amy Butler Love laminated cotton from when I recovered the dining room chairs as a table protector so the kids can color to their hearts content without ruining my pretty paint job.


My office/craft room is almost done!  I am loving it so far.  It's so nice to be able to work on the computer and have a spot for the kids to work too.


I think the table came out to be less than $75.  We bought lots of wood for a bunch of different projects the same day so it's hard to be exact and I'm probably overestimating because I hate when someone says something cost them $6 and it costs me $60!
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