Office/Craft room tour...

I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago so I'm been missing from the internet.  Get you wisdom teeth out when you are like 18 not in your 30's after you've had a bunch of kids.  I'm sure it's way easier if you have your Mommy to take care of you plus you won't have to watch Dora cartoons.  It was awful but at least it's over!

I'm declaring the office/craft room finished!  I love it.  The kids love to sit and color at the table and it's been great for homework and sewing projects too.  The corner desk is awesome.  The best thing is that I can do quick paint touches whenever a certain toddler makes a scribble somewhere.

The walls are Sherwin Williams sea salt.  The rug is from Lowe's and I got it on clearance for $20.  The curtains my Mom made and the fabric is Amy Butler Love from here.

Other details:

Magnetic chalkboard
Corner desk


The chair is from Pottery Barn and all the boys in my house hate it and say it's uncomfortable but I like it.  The little teal colored pillow is from Kohl's a couple of years ago.

Fabric dresser details


More of my favorite Amy Butler fabric on the closet.

Bench details
Farmhouse table details


Hope you enjoyed the office/craft tour!
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