Lime green desk

Tuesday / 21 comments
So we are moving to a new house next week!  I'm so excited because it has a yard for my kids to play in and more bedrooms.  Right now all three of our boys share a room, oh the fighting that leads to.  The best thing to do if you have to move in a few days is to repaint a bunch of furniture.  Right?  I know some of my other DIY blogger friends would totally agree at how logical that is!  I've been digging some green desks I've found on Pinterest plus a desk is small and easy to repaint later if I decide I love yellow or whatever other color is in.  The ten year old even agreed that it looked "fine" which in ten year old boy language is success when it comes to anything not skateboard or soccer related.


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Map dresser

Thursday / 28 comments
My oldest son is 13 and we needed a dresser for his room.  I think we are going with an explorer type theme so I decided it would be fun to mod podge a map to his dresser.  It was way easier than I thought it would be and turned out great.

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Fabric flowers-two different ways (tutorial)

Saturday / 3 comments
So today I have a little tutorial to make the fabric flowers that I put on my new lampshade.  They are super easy and both made pretty much the same way.  The biggest difference is one has a knotted center and the other has a rolled center giving it more of a rose look.


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Brass lamp makeover

Friday / 20 comments

I needed a cute lamp for my entryway table.  I found this super shiny brass one at the thrift store for $4.  It had a hideous plastic shade too so I donated the shade back to the store before leaving.

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Painting an oak bookcase

Tuesday / 3 comments
I got a lot of questions about how I painted the oak bookcase in the playroom so I thought I'd make a post about it.  The other playroom details can be found here.


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Beachy Spring Mantel

Monday / 7 comments
The mantle that my husband built a few months ago was looking a little lonely since I took down the easter decorations so I spent a few minutes this morning giving it a little spruce up.


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Staining a nightstand

Friday / 10 comments
So excited about my first staining project!  I LOVE to paint stuff but when I saw this cute little nightstand I knew it would be perfect just as it was if it just wasn't so banged up.  It was $25 on craigslist and I was actually going to pick up the dresser for my sons room and saw this for sale too!


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The Playroom

Monday / 38 comments
I finished making the playroom cute months ago.  It's not really even a whole room, it's a loft area at the top of the staircase.  So it was really frustrating since it always was messy and I had to walk through it a ton!  It always seemed to look like this:


Scary.  We just had WAY too many toys. The kids were digging through the bins and dumping stuff out to get to a few things.  Then I got mean and ruthless with the toys and got rid of a TON.  Okay maybe just 2 boxes and I didn't tell my kids what I got rid of either.   I just decided that if it didn't fit into these 5 toys organizer than it had to go.

The bins are the Trofast organizers from Ikea that I primed and painted with white enamel paint.  They had ones already painted white but they didn't have the grooves for the bins they had plastic things as tracks that didn't seem as durable. The striped rug is the Ikea Strib rug.  LOVE it.  It's so soft and the kids love the lines to drive cars on or line army men up for battle.  I can't find it on their website but maybe they still have it at the store.

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