Fabric flowers-two different ways (tutorial)

So today I have a little tutorial to make the fabric flowers that I put on my new lampshade.  They are super easy and both made pretty much the same way.  The biggest difference is one has a knotted center and the other has a rolled center giving it more of a rose look.


I started with some white felt, measuring cups (because they were good circle templates), scissors and some white sheets leftover from E's ruffly duvet.


First cut out some felt circles (they are going to be the back of your flower that nobody will see).  Then cut out some 1/2 inch by about 20 inch strips of whatever fabric you chose for your flower.  I ripped mine into strips because I wanted a shabby look with the little loose threads hanging out.


Then knot one end of your fabric strip.


Then I cut the little tail off.


Glue to the center of your felt circle.


Then start twisting your fabric and then wrapping around your knotted center putting little dabs of hot glue as you go.


Twist.  Wrap.  Glue.  Around and around.


When you run out of felt circle just pull the fabric to the back of the felt circle and hot glue it down.  Snip off any remaining fabric.


Ta-da!  Easy.


If you don't like the look of the knotted center you can do a rolled center.  Like the bottom flower and furthest right flower in the photo here.


You still need the felt circle and fabric strip.  But this time I ironed the fabric strip kind of like making bias tape.  Just take the two raw ends and have them meet each other and iron down.



Then start rolling the fabric and glueing as you go.


Until you have a nice rolled portion to use as your center.


Then start twisting and glueing just like the first fabric flower and glue it to a felt circle same as the first flower.


Love them.  Added some fun texture to my boring lampshade.

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