Lime green desk

So we are moving to a new house next week!  I'm so excited because it has a yard for my kids to play in and more bedrooms.  Right now all three of our boys share a room, oh the fighting that leads to.  The best thing to do if you have to move in a few days is to repaint a bunch of furniture.  Right?  I know some of my other DIY blogger friends would totally agree at how logical that is!  I've been digging some green desks I've found on Pinterest plus a desk is small and easy to repaint later if I decide I love yellow or whatever other color is in.  The ten year old even agreed that it looked "fine" which in ten year old boy language is success when it comes to anything not skateboard or soccer related.


I got it at the local Savers store for $25.  It was in pretty good condition.


I didn't sand it but I did clean it really good and put some liquid deglosser on it.  Then I primed it with Glidden gripper primer.  Put two coats of Behr's Asparagus in Satin and them put a few coats of Polycrylic on just the top.  Total I think it took like an 1.5 hours not including all the drying times between coats.



I bought two new pulls from Home Depot for the drawers.  They are Martha Stewart ones and I LOVE them.  They were $4 each and I used the same ones on the corner desk in the office.  I spray painted the existing knobs with the same satin nickel paint I used on the map dresser.


Love how close the spray painted ones look to the store bought ones.  Plus I saved some $$ reusing.


Cute!  I just love paint.  It's so fun to see what you can do with a little effort and something outdated from the thrift store.

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