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Zig Zag Monogram Pillow {Boys Skateboard Bedroom}

I've been working on finishing up projects around my house BEFORE starting new ones.  Sad face.  I know I can't be the only gal out there that gets going on a room makeover and then gets sick of it and moves on to something else leaving a pile of unfinished projects in my wake!  I'm resolving to be good and finish up stuff before buying new supplies for other stuff.

So back to the skateboard room.  The one I was working on MONTHS ago.  Remember the dresser, houndstooth curtains and skateboard shelves?  Well this week I made a pillow!  A pillow is progress.

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Houndstooth curtains {no sew tutorial}

If you are a great seamstress than look away!  This tutorial is not for you.  This is for all my girlfriends that are always complaining that they can't sew curtains or fix the curtains they have for different houses.  Most people buy curtains once but if you are in a military family you get to move a lot and the windows are never the same size.

You can make curtains without sewing.  All you need is an iron, scissors and steam a seam.  I bought this Houndstooth for for about $7.50 a yard.  I got 6 yards so it cost me $45 for super cute curtains.

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