Gray Nightstand Makeover {Dinosaur boy bedroom}

Today I'm going to show you how I gave my son's nightstand a makeover so it was a better fit for his new dinosaur room.

I bought the nightstand last year for like $25.  I sanded it down and stained it last May but then my oldest son got a queen bed and the nightstand was too small for his room.  The nightstand sat in our garage furniture hoard for a few months waiting to be repurposed.

The stained look would have looked clashed with his new rustic Ana-White Kentwood bed so I sanded it and painted it with two coats of Behr's antique tin colored paint in satin.

The lion pulls got a few coats of metallic silver spray paint.  They will probably get switched out eventually since the lions and dinosaurs don't really go together but I kind of love them.

The nightstand is just the perfect height for his new bed.

It was a pretty cheap and easy fix too since I already had the spray paint and the quart of paint was $15 and I painted his dresser and bookcase with it too.

Also be sure to check out my friend Ana's great site today. She shows you how to make really great graphic sheets using Windows Powerpoint. Love the one she made to help you shop for the Kentwood bed.

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