Pallet Shelf gallery wall {teen boy bedroom}

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I just love gallery walls. I think I have one in every room of my house! This is the one in my teen son's bedroom. The one with the Rustic headboard and Farmhouse desk.

I started with the USA license plate canvas that was purchased at Target for around $30.

The pallet bookshelves were built using the Ana White Pallet shelf plan.  The shelves literally only took a few minutes.  I went to get my kids from the bus stop and when I came back a few minutes later my husband had them finished!  I also read Donna's post on choosing pallets to help me choose safe pallets.  My pallets had a heat treated stamp and I made sure to scrub them down before building anything out of them.  Then I did the same vinegar and steel mix to the pallets as I did the the headboard and desk.

The giant stick was a special one he carved at Scout camp as was the rabbit fur. The  feather he collected (hung with a tiny command strip), a scorpion my husband brought home from Afghanistan and a horseshoe he got from his Grandparents. Hang up stuff that your kids like and have some sort of meaning to them.

All the pictures are his favorites. I really tried to hang the stuff I knew HE would want his friends to see. Not the pictures I thought were super adorable. I want his room to be positive and encouraging for him.

Gallery wall tips:
1. Start with one big thing.
2. Don't be afraid to hang non-traditional objects.
3. Hang things with meaning, a story or a memory.
4. If it's your kids room choose photos that make them proud of themselves
5. Just go for it! I sometimes hang my gallery wall before there are even photos for the frames!


  1. This is AWESOME! I love the variety of textures---changes up a a gallery wall. I did a similar thing with my gallery wall, but with colorful textures! I really like what you did :) Thanks for sharing.
    XO, Kate of A&A

  2. Amazing! What a talent! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. Love your shelf it is a "manly" kind of shelf, perfect for a boys room. Love the rustic look.

  4. I love those shelves! They look great in his room. I'll have to show this to my son.

  5. I love this gallery! Love the license plate canvas and the bookshelves. Rustic and masculine!

  6. Awesome Shelves! Love the whole wall!

  7. I love gallery walls, try to do one in each of my kids rooms. I really like your sense of style, well done!

  8. Just a GREAT tip for your pictures...use "Sticky Tac" just behind the corners to hold your pictures straight. It works great with kids running around and doors slamming. :D

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