Cubby Base {Building}

Happy December!!  Have you done your holiday decorating?  Do you want to hear a shameful true blogger confession?  I haven't done any decorating.  In fact my porch still has Thanksgiving pumpkins on display! My husband and I have been too busy working on some fun gift projects! Starting with this new plan today.  A little cubby base from Ana White.  Perfect height for my daughter to play with her present.  Which is also another plan that I will show you on Thursday.
Any ideas of what it could be?

The cubby base is a an easier project and would be a good place to try out building a drawer if you haven't built one before.  I started by building the drawer frame.

I used my Kreg Jig and screws for this project.  I love my Kreg Jig and it would be a great thing to ask for as a gift if you are in need of tools.

Then I built the base out of 2x2s also using the kreg jig but you could totally use pilot holes and screws with wood glue.

Then the drawer frame is screwed into the base with pocket holes and screws.  Or you could use 3" wood screws and screw from under the 2x2 base into the drawer frame.

Now build your drawer.  I did 3/4" pocket holes and 1 1/4" PH screws.

Then test your drawer before adding the front drawer face.  Use wood glue and finish nails to nail the drawer face to the frame.

Perfect fit.  Add your plywood to the bottom of your drawer!

Now add your top!  The plan calls for plywood or two 1x8s but I used a piece of pine panel that is a little more expensive then regular plywood but higher quality and takes stain better.  It's the same stuff that we used to build the door on the pink play kitchen.

I sanded all the lumber with a belt sander before building it.  Then after it was all built I sanded with a little hand sander and then with a 220 grit sandpaper block to prepare the cubby base for staining.  I stained first with Minwax stain in Pecan and then followed up with some Minwax stain in Espresso.  The Pecan stain I stained like normal but the Espresso I wiped on with a cloth and then immediately wiped it off without letting it soak all the way in.  That way you get more stain in the detail areas and it gives the project a more rustic finish.  On Friday I will have an in depth staining tutorial over at Ana-White!  I used 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic to protect the finish.

Love how it turned out!  Can't wait to show you the super cool thing we built for our daughter! Any guesses?

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