Organizing the Kid's Bathroom {Apartment Guide}

One of the hard things about moving frequently is that I feel like I'm always trying to figure out a new way to organize my house.  Our last house had lots of drawers in the bathroom and no cabinets.  This house has no drawers and just two big cabinets.  So I was excited when Apartment Guide gave me the challenge to get my bathroom organized and shared some of their organizing tips.  

Before.  The regular daily mess after the kids get ready for school.

It really only took about 20 minutes to organize the whole bathroom.  The hardest part of every cleaning/organizing project is starting!

1.  Grab a garbage bag and throw away all the used up toiletries and trash.

2.  Decide what needs to stay and what the area is lacking.  We have a trash can by the toilet/shower  but it is separated by a door from the vanities and if someone is in the shower the kids just leave their trash on the counter.  So I used a metal cleaning bucket as a trash can.

3.  Get some bins or baskets to help keep things contained.  I find it easiest to separate each kid's toiletries so I bought them each a little basket and made a label for the baskets with my silhouette machine.

One vanity holds the trash can, a basket with hand towels and wash cloths, extra toilet paper and bath towels.

The other vanity holds all the kid's toiletries.

I even have a little basket hidden behind the trash can with guest toiletries.

I don't keep anything on my counters but soap.  The kids are in charge of cleaning their bathroom so if I kept the toothbrushes on the counter they would probably get cleaning supplies sprayed on them or used by the toddler to clean her toy horses.

I even hung up some new artwork that used to be in the craft room.  Now the bathroom is clean and cheerful!

This post was sponsored by Apartment Guide.  Thanks for helping me out with my bathroom Apartment Guide!

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