Princess Mirror with DecoArt Glass Paint

Have you found anything great at yard sales this summer?  My daughter is obsessed with all things princess and dress up and I found the perfect mirror for her dress up corner.  It was only $5!  I even have a little tutorial to show you how I made the cute little crown with some of DecoArt's new glass paint!

I started out with my $5 garage sale mirror and some of DecoArt's gloss enamel glass paint in glitter because everyone knows that you can't have a crown without some bling.

I spray painted the frame of my mirror silver and once the spray paint was dry I brought it into the house and cleaned the glass with some rubbing alcohol.

I used my vinyl cutting machine to cut out a little crown to use as a stencil.  Then I got out my white glitter paint and a makeup wedge to apply it.

Using the foam wedge I dabbed the paint inside the stencil.  I was pretty generous with the paint and tried to go over each area just once so I didn't overwork the paint and remove it.  I carefully removed the stencil when the paint was still wet and fixed the spots that I messed up on with a tiny paint brush.

The paint has to dry 4 days before it's ready for regular use.  One little princess was super excited when her new dress up mirror was ready!  I hung it right at her height so it looks like she is wearing the crown when she looks in the mirror.  I used some glass hooks to complete her dress up corner.

I couldn't resist the other paints in the DecoArt box and made some cute little butterfly cups too.  DecoArt has stick on stencils that work great and make everybody look like a great artist!  You just stick the stencils on, dab the paint and then remove and wash the stencil and reuse them!

Way cute.  Now E has fancy cups to go with her fancy mirror.  The best thing is that you can stick the glasses in the oven and bake them to make them dishwasher proof!

Go check out DecoArt Glass Paint Program for some more awesome tips, tutorials and how to videos.  Michaels Craft Stores has the new DecoArt Glass paint line, some stores even have the new glass paints by all their glassware!

Happy Painting!

Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.
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