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Are you excited for your kids to get back to school?  I love fall because I am a schedule/routine person and love the routine school brings.  Preparing for our school schedules I've been working on getting my kids back into the routine of chores.  I want my kids to develop good cleaning habits and avoid the frustration when they don't know exactly how to clean a room.  So I made a free how to printable on how to clean a few different rooms in the house!

I'm also going to show you how you can make an easy system for keeping track of what chores need to be done and what has been finished.


Buckets (I purchased mine in Target's dollar section)
16" 1x4 pine
Free Chore Chart Printable

I started by nailing my 16" piece of wood to the wall with a level and a nail gun.  Then I painted it the same color as my walls.

Drill the pilot holes for the hooks.  I made a template with paper the same size as my board and then just marked where the holes in my hooks were.  Makes it so much easier to get all the hooks lined up the same on all the boards.

Screw in the hooks.

I bought a sun, moon and star from the silhouette store and cut them out in black vinyl.  Sun=Morning Chores, Moon=Evening Chores, Star=Completed Chores.

Then use some transfer paper to adhere your vinyl to the buckets.

Print out the chore printables.  I laminated mine to make them more durable.

Trim the "to do" chores with a paper cutter or scissors.  There is even a blank sheet so you can customize your chores to fit your family.

Then just hang your buckets and enjoy your clean house!  It's not quite that easy but it really does help establish good work habits in kids and help them learn to work hard.  My two youngest kids are 6 and 3 and I do every chore with them but the older two are 12 and 15 and the only thing I have to do is inspect their chores!

"We can do hard things" is one of my favorite things to tell my kids and I made that into a printable for you too! 

What chores do you have your kids help with?
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