Spray Painting a Metal Railing {Krylon Rust Protector}

One of my focuses at my brother's house was to fix/repair all those little projects that we all have and bug us every time we walk by them.. The first of those was the front porch railing that had lots of rust.

It was especially bad around the bottom, probably because that part is covered in snow all winter in Utah

I started out by removing all the flaking paint with a metal brush (I found the metal brush by the spackle spatulas in the paint department).  Once the loose paint was off I scrubbed the whole railing down with a scrub pad and some simple green.  Then I sanded a little where the rust met the paint so that the surface was as smooth as possible.  You probably can't get it completely smooth because the metal is eroded where the rust has eaten away at it.

Then I taped plastic to the concrete underneath the railing to protect the porch from overspray.

I spray painted two coats of Krylon's Rust Protector  onto the railing.  Rust Protector is Krylon's new spray paint and they sent me some for free to try.  My favorite thing about it is that it dries in only eight minutes.  Which is awesome because it prevents bugs or grass from blowing into your newly painted project.  Thanks Krylon!

While painting my brother held a 4x4 square of scrap plywood on the cement on the other side of the railing as I was painting.  This prevented the spray paint from spraying onto his house or onto the front door.

The railing looks SO good!!

My Mom came over the next morning and thought it looked like a brand new railing.

Do you have any projects that you have been procrastinating?   Finish one of them and then enter it into Krylon's Make it G8 in 8 sweepstakes!  Great way to share your tips with others and maybe win a cool prize!
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