Numbered Onesie

Today I have a little tutorial on how to make a numbered onesie.  A is my brother's 5th child so I thought it would be fun to make him a little #5 onesie.  The numbered onesie is always a big hit at baby showers and I usually give it with a monogrammed baby blanket.


Number printed from computer
Heat'n Bond
Cute Cotton Fabric

Start by washing your onesie and fabric.  This will remove anything that the manufacturer has put on it that may prevent the heat n' bond from sticking.  Then iron the heat n bond to the wrong side of the printed cotton fabric.

Trace your number onto the heat n bond and cut it out.

Then peel the backing off the heat n' bond and iron the number to the onesie.

Now you can zig zag stitch around the number or just leave it plain.  I zig zag stitched around this one but sometimes I just leave it with just the heat n' bond since the onesie will probably only be worn a time or two until the baby grows out of it!

I used a 0-3 month sized onesie for my nephew who was around 9lbs but newborn onesies work great for smaller babies.

Happy Sewing!
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