Mantel Molding Headboard

The master bedroom at my brother's house was one of the rooms I was most excited to give a facelift to. 

Here is the before.  My sister in law had already refinished the dresser and bought pretty bedding. What they really needed was a headboard and some nightstands.

I knew that lack of furniture was something my friend Ana White and I could fix!  Ana wrote up some fabulous headboard plans and now they have a beautiful headboard and lovely nightstands with tons of great storage space.

The full plans with building diagrams are at Ana White but I'm going to show you my headboard in progress.  The headboard came together really quick and was built with the Kreg Jig and a nail gun.

The front without the inner plywood piece.  I love how it's all 2 inch wood except for the top cap piece.  It makes the headboard really substantial.

A side view and a sneak peek of my brother in law.  He was so nice to come help with all sorts of building projects at my brothers and even brought his tools since my brother lives in a different state from me.  Couldn't quite figure out how I was going to haul tools since my van is already full of kids!

Attaching the plywood with a nail gun.

I made a little diagram so you could see what type of molding was used.  The awesome thing about the molding is you can pretty much customize this headboard for any look you want.  The molding was the most expensive part of this project so you can also pick the molding that best fits in your budget.

I used wood fill for the nail holes, sanded and then primed with Zinsser 123 primer.  Then I spray painted the headboard with Rustoleum Universal in White.  I figured spray paint was the best way to get in the crevices of the molding.

The white really helped brighten my brother's room up!

Love how it turned out!

We drilled two holes at the bottom of each side of the headboard and attached the headboard to a queen size metal bed rails with carriage bolts.

There are plans coming soon for the nightstands too.

Love how their room turned out.  They bought some new lamps (from Wal-mart) and my Grandma sewed them the white bird pillow using premier prints barber taupe/robin.

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