Jumbo Wall Number Art

I've been working on making my living room more fun and family friendly since we spend so much time in there.  I thought a giant number 6 would be a great addition since there six people including my husband and I in my family.  When I first told my Mom about this project she got super excited and thought I was announcing that I was pregnant with twins or something!  I do have older brothers that are twins and my Dad is a twin and my Mom is a super optimistic person so I see how she could come to that conclusion.  So funny.

1/4 sheet of 1/4" plywood
Spray paint
Command picture hanging strips
Jig saw

I started by making a number template. I did it in the silhouette program. Just change your page setting to the size of number that you want. I chose 24" by 36". I typed the number in my desired font and printed it. You have to move the number around to fit in the page size of your printer and then tape it all together once it's printed. You could go to a copy shop and get it printed.
Once my number was printed I taped it to my wall to make sure that I liked the size of it.

I placed my number 6 template onto my 1/4" plywood and traced around it with a pencil.

Then I drilled a hole on the inside of the circle of the six so that my jig saw would have a place to start.

Carefully cut out the number out with a jig saw.

Give the number a good sanding so that it's all smooth and ready to paint.

Then paint your letter with a couple of coats of spray paint. I used Krylon sun yellow spray paint in gloss finish. Then hung it using command picture hanging strips.

Finished! I think it adds a fun element to the room. The great thing is that it was really inexpensive to make. Less than $10 so you could even make one for a birthday party decoration!

Hope you are having an awesome summer!
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