Hello Sign for Front Porch {Building Tutorial}

I'm so excited to show you all the sign I built for my front porch!  When I showed you the easy cedar planters I built I told you about how my porch has a window on one side of the door and then just a big empty spot on the other side.  I got a lot of great ideas from all of you and in the end decided to build a sign because it was a quick and cheap fix.  Plus when we move next year I can take it with me.  I'm going to show you how to build one too!  You could put whatever letters or sayings you want on it but I chose "Hello".  Because welcome was too long and "Go Away" seemed rude.


One-1x8 cut at 39"
Two-1x4s cut at 39"
Two-1x4s cut at 14 1/4"
Two-1x4s cut at 32"
A few scraps of lathe or 1x2s for securing the back together
Spray paint(I used Valspar black and white in satin finish and exotic sea in gloss finish)
Tools and Wood Glue

Spray paint all the wood and letters before starting the assembly.  I used a kreg jig to secure the 1x8 at 39" to the 2 1x4s at 39".  If you don't have a kreg jig you can use some lathe scraps or 1x2s to secure the wood together.  Use wood glue and screws to attach the boards to each other.  Now is also the perfect time to attach some hardware for hanging.  Since my back was flat I used a router to drill two keyhole slots for screws.

The front is ready to have the outside frame put on!

Start by wood glueing and then nailing down the top 1x4 that is cut at 14 1/4".  Be careful not to get the wood glue too close to the edges or it will seep out.

Then wood glue and nail down your two outside 1x4s that are cut at 32".

Now attach the bottom 1x4 with glue and nails.  The sign is almost finished!

Attach the letters with wood glue and allow it to dry at least 24 hours before hanging up.  Be really careful not to use too much glue because you don't want the glue leaking out from under the letters.  Love!

Remember my sad porch before?  Not very welcoming.

So much more cheerful now!  I think the total cost for the rug, planters and sign came to about $50.  I used a lot of wood scraps for this project so it would have been more if I had to buy the wood.

To the right of the door is my little sitting area with my spray painted wicker chair and $5 Goodwill table.  My porch is now one of my favorite spots!

So happy that it's been warm enough to spray paint.  It's such a great way to spruce something up!
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