DIY Penny Tray {Dinosaur Boys Bedroom}

I've seen some really cool floors and countertops around the internet made out of pennies!  It looked like such a fun project that I thought I'd give it a try on something MUCH smaller than a counter or floor.  So I introduce you to my new penny tray.

Tray (I bought mine at the Target dollar section)
Primer and Paint
Envirotex lite

The tray before.

I primed my tray with Zinsser 123 Primer.

Then painted it with the same metallic glaze that I used on the faux leather letter since it's going in the same bedroom.

Then I got my pennies out and cleaned them.  I just washed them with some soap and water.

I arranged my pennies on the bottom of the tray.  I didn't glue them or anything just set them there.

Then I mixed the EnviroTex lite according to the package directions.  You have to use whatever you mix up immediately so I bought a pretty small package of it for about $10. After I mixed it I just carefully poured the mixture into the tray and smoothed it out with a plastic knife.  The mixture self levels pretty well.

Then I set a plastic bin over the tray so that any dust floating around wouldn't get into the drying Envirotex.

The tray was dry to the touch the next morning but takes a few days to cure completely.  The bottom of the tray is super smooth and shiny now!

The tray now lives on the gray dresser in the dinosaur bedroom and holds the magnets and chalk so we can change the word of the week!

I'm just about finished in the dinosaur bedroom.  I'm down to organizing the last few things and have a fun crate project to show you on Thursday!
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