DIY Mini Crate {Building Tutorial}

I have a thing for containers.  Anyone else with me?  Just something so full of potential and future promise that I'm going to finally get organized! I've been working on my son's dinosaur bedroom and needed a spot for his special somethings when it was time for bed.  So I built a mini crate for his bionicles and one for his various treasures!  They were super easy and inexpensive and I am going to show you how to make one too!

11 pieces of lath cut at 10 inches (my lumberyard sells lath in a big bundles for like $6 and it's 48" long, you can also buy it at a home improvement store for like 25 cents each.  Lath looks like unfinished yard sticks.)
2 pieces lath cut at 7 3/4"
Two pieces 1x8 cut at 5"
Wood glue
Nail gun with finish nails (or hammer and nails)

Start by taking 5 pieces of the 10" lath and attaching it to bottom of the 1x8 sides with glue and nails.

Then flip the crate the side and attach a piece of 10 inch lath to the top and bottom of the side.

Then attach the middle piece of lath with glue and nails.  I attached the bottom and top of the side first to make it easy to eyeball the middle piece to make it even.  I like the rustic look so I didn't care if it was perfect.

Attach the 3 pieces of 10 inch lath to the other side.  You could leave the little crate like this but I wanted the top part a little more finished.

So I attached a piece of 7 3/4" lath to each end of the top to cover the 1x8s.

All built! I finished the crates up by painting a few coats of Krylons white spray paint that I had leftover from the front porch bench and chair.

I used a couple wooden disks to make little labels for the crates with my silhouette machine.  I just hot glued them right to the front!

Now my little guy has the perfect spot to put his treasures before heading to bed.  His bookcase is painted the same color as his grey dresser.

The dinosaur bedroom is pretty much done!

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