Mini Serving Tables

Did you notice the little mini tables on my Ana White Providence table I posted Tuesday?  They are perfect for serving at dinner parties or just for holding party decorations.  The best thing is that they are super easy to make and only cost a few dollars in wood (perfect scrap project too!).

If you are a reader of Beckie's great blog Infarrantly Creative then you got a sneak peak when I posted them on her site a few weeks ago.  So come on and I'll show you how you can build your own mini serving tables.

Three 1x4s cut at 14"
Two 1x2s cut at 14"
Two 1x2s cut at 12 3/16"
Four 2x2s at 5"
Nail gun or Hammer
Stain & Polycrylic

Sand all the wood pieces.

Apply wood glue to the side of the 14" 1x4.

Then nail each 14" 1x4 to one of the 14" 1x2.

Glue and nail the 12 3/16" 1x2s.

Secure the legs to the bottom corners with glue and nails.

Drill 3 pilots holes into the two short sides going into the middle of each 1x4.

Screw three screws into your pilot holes.

Drill a pilot hole through the top of the 1x4 and into each of the four legs.

Place a screw into each leg through the top of the table.

Use wood fill to fill all the screw and nail holes. Let it dry as directed and then sand smooth.

I finished off my little tables by staining them with a coat of Minwax Dark Walnut followed by a few coats of Polycrylic.

Here's the cut lists if you want to make the other two little tables.

Small table cut list:
Three 1x4s cut at 10 5/8"
Two 1x2s cut at 10 5/8"
Two 1x2s cut at 12 3/16"
Four 2x2s cut at 3"

Large table cut list:
Three 1x4s cut at 18"
Two 1x2s cut at 18"
Two 1x2s cut at 11 7/8"
Four 2x2s cut at 7"

Be sure to measure the width of your three 1x4s because different lumberyards can have slightly different widths.

The tables were pretty easy and really economical. All three little tables cost me less than $10!

So excited for summertime parties!

The table and benches were built for less than $100!  Here are the Ana White Providence table plans and the Ana White Providence bench plans are right here! Happy Building!
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