DIY Dinosaur Pillow {Monogram}

My Mom was here last week and finished up a ton of projects for me, including this dinosaur pillow.  By the time she left my knee and elbow hurt from sewing so much!  As she was cranking out projects she kept saying "I used to have so much energy!" and then she'd sew 6 more things. She has way more energy than I do that's for sure! It was fun having a sewing buddy for a few days, wish my parents lived closer to me.

The pillow was sewn the same way I made the zig zag monogram pillow except my Mom moved the needle over so that none of the edging of the pom pom trim showed.

Just for some reality in blog land my 6 year old already chewed off one of the pom poms.  I guess I'm not the only person that finds pom pom trim irresistible though I don't love it enough to eat it.

Love it!  Thanks Mom!  I'm trying to be brave and combine a bunch of different patterns in this room because I love that look.

Polka Dot Fabric: Premier Prints Dandi Dot Turquoise
Houndstooth: Premier Prints Houndstooth
All Good Things Print: Katie Daisy at The Wheatfield
Green Quilt: Cheap one from Target.  I bought it almost two years ago and can't find it online anymore.
Grey and White Duvet: $20 from Target.
Leather Wall letter
Grey Nighstand Makeover
DIY Ana White Kentwood Bed
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