Teen Boy Bedroom Update {Light Fixture}

I have been on the hunt for the perfect light fixture for my teenager's room.  I finally found one at Ikea that was the right price but was too big so I'm going to show you how we fixed it and turned a long pendant into a fixture closer to the ceiling.

Before: Basic brass light.  Totally didn't go with the look of his bedroom.

I bought the Ikea Ottava fixture.  It looked just perfect in Ikea (with their super high ceilings!)  but when I got it home it was just way too long.  Our house has lower ceilings (right around 8 feet).  So it was a no go but I loved the look of it.  So I bought a mini ceiling pendant kit and took three of the pieces out of the Ottava fixture and replaced them with the mini pendant kit.  Perfect!

 Love!  Looks so much better than the gold light.

I also found a clearance duvet set at Target.  It's the Thomas O'Brien Menswear Duvet.  I only paid $30 but online it still has it full price.

Still need to make some fun throw pillows and maybe replace the white bedskirt with one made out of drop cloths like his curtains  but I'm making progress!

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