Stenciling a Tray {Monogram}

I'm still working on E's new bedroom.  This weekend I made her a little painted tray to hold the treasures on her dresser.

I bought the tray at the Thrift store for $2.  The inside had already been painted but then I guess the person lost interest and never finished.  I can relate to that!

I cleaned the tray and painted it with one coat of Zinsser 123 Primer.  I didn't sand.  I prime almost everything I paint.  It seems like an annoying step but is totally necessary if you want your project to turn out well.  Priming allows the paint to go on smoothly and use less paint.  Plus when you buy something from the thrift store you have no idea where it's been and primer is also a sealer and stain blocker.

 I let the primer dry and then painted on 2 coats of Antique Coral from Valspar. 

After letting the paint cure for a few days I used my silhouette machine to cut out a monogram and little design using vinyl. 

 Then I used Martha Stewart's Thundercloud metallic to paint the stencil. 

 After letting the silver dry I peeled off the vinyl. 

 Cute!  Love the metallic paint. 

 I'd like to say that the tray is still sitting cute on E's dresser holding her treasures but it's not!  She left it alone for like 5 minutes and has been using the tray to carry stuff all around the house! 

 Probably next week she'll be bored with it and we can put it back on the dresser. 

The little boxes are just painted cardboard boxes from Michael's.  The boxes are where the My Little Ponies live.  The little nesting dolls E got as a souvenir from Estonia after her Dad visited there. 

The whole project only cost the $2 that I paid for the tray since I already had the paint!
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