St. Patrick's Day Mantle {Rainbow Garland}

Do you decorate for St. Patrick's day?  I don't do very much but the Mantle needed something after Valentine's day was over.

The rainbow heart garland is just a bunch of hearts I cut out of felt and sewed together with my sewing machine.  Same way I did the heart mobile.  Proof that I'm not totally over Valentine's day. 

The ruffly felt wreath is made the same as the Valentine's wreath using this tutorial.  Super easy but takes an hour or two. 

The little fake gumball machine is made out of a little flower pot using this easy tutorial

Fun and super cheerful.  The rainbow heart banner is my favorite thing.  I want to make a super long one and just string it through my entire house. 

If you are want more  St. Patrick's day ideas then check out the ruffly shirt I made for E.
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