Organizing the Pantry

February is my big organizing month!  So sick of all the junk strewn all over my house.  I am totally inspired by Sarah's 40 bags in 40 days throw away that she does every year.  40 seemed an overwhelming goal so I am doing 29 bags.  A bag a day for the month of February.  I started with my pantry.  My whole kitchen is pretty much a disorganized mess.  In fact I'm pretty sure it's never made an appearance on the blog!  So come on in and see my newly clean pantry!

The before: Eeek!  My older two boys help put the groceries away and just shove stuff in there where it will fit.

The only things I actually removed/got rid of were 2 boxes with old kitchen aid attachments that went to my broken kitchen aid and a cake plate that I've never used.  Then I took all the stuff that I still had in boxes and threw the boxes out because the boxes were bulky and ugly and taking up too much room.  The cookie cutters I dumped into a big pail I bought from the farm supply store. The pail was the only pantry organizing purchase.

I had a few extra plastic baskets in the garage (because I am a container hoarder).  I hauled the baskets inside and cleaned them up.  Then made labels for everything with my silhouette and laminator just like I did in laundry room and craft room.

I had a regular wicker basket in the garage that I spray painted white that fits my cook books.  The little white caddy was built with the Ana White Soda Crate Caddy plans.  My two older boys built me the caddy for Christmas (with their Dad's help).  They even painted it themselves!

The closet extends a little behind the wall and I store my old grocery bags and our BBQ tools there.  The BBQ tools hang from a Bjarnum hook I bought from Ikea.  It's extends much further then most hooks so it's perfect for the bulky BBQ tools.

The bottom holds my giant bucket of wheat that I use to make bread.  The little wire crates were a couple of dollars at Walmart and hold the stuff that is too oddly shaped to fit elsewhere.

Love how much cleaner the pantry has been staying.  Now my kids know where to put stuff they will actually put it away.  Plus I have to answer the "MOM, where is...?" question way less!
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