Finding Color Inspiration with My Colortopia

Choosing paint colors can be totally overwhelming.

So I'm going to share with you how I pick colors and what inspires me!

I usually start with a textile because I LOVE fabric.  It's what seems to jump out at me first.  I found this awesome afghan at a thrift store for $8 and it became the color palate for the playroom!

The craft room/office started out with some fabulous art of Katie Daisy's.    I used the art to help decide what color to paint the furniture and accessories.

For Ellie's new room I found some adorable fabric by Moda called Ruby.  It helped me pick the perfect shade of grey for her dresser and bookcase. Notice my favorite aqua earrings?  I wear them almost everyday.  Many times you already have your favorite color palate in your closet or jewelry box!

There is also a fabulous new website called My Colortopia to help you out.  My Colortopia has a fun quiz called My Life, My Colors to help you pick your favorite colors and gives you some color palate ideas!  I tried it out and the quiz totally figured out that I like aqua, pink and many shades of grey.  So give the quiz a try and then go paint something!

·I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks Glidden!


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