Felt and Yarn Heart Wreath {Valentine's Day}

I'm still decorating for Valentine's Day.  You know that holiday a few short days away?  Yup that one!  My little gal and I are having a little party for her preschool friends so she's been helping me make the house extra festive.  Today we made a couple yarn wreaths.


Glue Gun
Wreath Form

*I don't use styrofoam wreath forms.  One karate chop from a little boy and they will break, ruining your hard work.

Start by cutting some felt in about 1 inch strips and wrap it around your form.  Then if the yarn doesn't cover completely you will have felt peeking through instead of the wreath form.

Wrap yarn around wreath and tie into knot.  Secure with a little bit of glue from glue gun.

Start wrapping yarn around wreath.  Keep wrapping...it takes at least an hour or two.  I suggest watching an episode of Downton Abbey.

The felt flowers are super easy.  I made them very much like the fabric flowers for my lampshade.

1.  Trace and cut a pretty good sized circle out of felt.  Mine was about 6-7 inches.  The bigger your circle, the bigger your flower.

2.  Starting at the outside of the circle cut about 1/2 inch strip going in like a swirl.  Leaving about a 1 inch circle in the middle.

3.  Dab a little hot glue on outside end and start rolling the felt.

4.  You should end up with a flower shape.

5.  Pull up little circle on back.

6.  Apply hot glue.

7.  Press down.

8.  Attach cute felt flower to wreath with hot glue.

I made a little heart banner with some of the leftover felt and yarn.  Love my cute wreath!

I made a tiny little wreath for our entryway chalkboard.

Are you still working on Valentine's decorations or have you started digging out St. Patrick's day stuff?
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