Monogram T-shirt using Freezer Paper {Handmade Holiday}

My 6 year old made little monogram PJ shirts for his siblings this year. He is super proud of them and had a great time making them. The shirts were easy to make and inexpensive. I got the two white shirts at Walmart for $2.50 each and the little girl blue one for $4.


Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Paint Brushes
Posterboard or Cardboard (for protecting underside of shirt while painting)
Letter printed on computer paper for tracing
T-shirt (This would be a great way to fix a shirt with a stain on the front!)

Trace design onto freezer paper and cut out.

Iron stencil onto shirt with shiny side facing fabric.

Put a piece of posterboard or cardboard between front and back of shirt to prevent paint from bleeding through shirt.

Paint!  I find it best to paint from freezer paper to shirt around the edges.  That helps keep the edges sealed and prevent paint from seeping under freezer paper.

I peel off the freezer paper and throw away while paint is still wet.  Then set the shirt somewhere safe to dry.

Cute!  My little guy was so proud of his project and it only took about 30 minutes for all three shirts which was perfect for his short attention span.

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