Jane Austen journal bag {Handmade holiday}

Are you a Jane Austen fan? I am! Love her books and the movies made from them. Whenever my husband deploys I always spend the first day watching the really long Pride and Prejudice and sulking. Then the next day I suck it up and continue on with life.  My sister in law loves Jane Austen too and I found this cute little 5 year Jane a Day journal for her.  5 year journals are the BEST thing for busy Moms.  There is only a spot to write a couple lines everyday.  No pressure to write tons! The little bag fits a kindle too so it would be a fun little bag for that as well.

Fabric (I used drop cloth scraps)
Freezer paper
Fabric paint
Paint brush
Silhouette of Jane Austen 
1 inch ribbon
1/4 inch ribbon

Cut 4 rectangles 8" x 11"

If your fabric has a right side then place right sides together.
Sew sides and bottom of two of the fabric pieces.
Sew sides and part of bottom of the other two fabric pieces and leave about 4" open along bottom to turn the fabric later.

Now you should have two separate bag sections.  Take one of the bags and turn right side out and push it into the inside out bag.  Both the right sides should be facing each other.

Sew around top of the bag.

Pull fabric through the hole you left in bottom until the bag is turned right side out.

Sew the hole in the bottom of the bag closed.

Push part of bag with bottom sewed back inside the other bag and iron the bag.

Sew along top of bag with a cute stitch if your machine has one.  Or you can just straight stitch.

Take 1" ribbon and wrap around bag to measure length and cut where it meets at seam.

Attach the ribbon to the bag by straight stitching right at top edge of ribbon, then along bottom edge of ribbon.  Leave the edge where the ribbons meet along seam open.  I just used my machine as a guide to where to sew ribbon but you should probably pin it in place before sewing.  I am only really good at pinning on pinterest and not always when sewing!

Put 1/4" ribbon onto safety pin and thread through the little pocket you just made with the wide ribbon.

Once your ribbon is threaded all the way through tie a knot into it and then trim off excess.

Use a lighter to just seal ribbon edge to prevent fraying.

Hopefully your bag looks like this! Now it's time to stencil the silhouette.

Trace the silhouette you printed off your computer onto the freezer paper.  I just laid the freezer paper shiny side down onto the printout and traced.

Cut the silhouette out.

Tape bottom of freezer paper where you cut to get to silhouette.

Iron freezer paper stencil onto bag shiny side facing fabric.

I used puffy fabric paint but any sort of fabric paint would work.

Paint!  I found it best to only paint from freezer paper onto fabric when doing edges.  This really helped to avoid bleeding and keep freezer paper attached to fabric.

Cute!  Let it dry somewhere safe like locked in a closet away from any children that may want to grab it.

Only 5 days left until Christmas!  Tomorrow I have a cute little crafted gift that my preschool baby made her big brothers for Christmas.

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