Doll Quilt & Pillow Tutorial {Handmade Holiday}

Do you have a little girl on your Christmas list?  I know lots of little girls that love baby dolls and can always use some blankets to wrap their baby up.  So today I have a little tutorial for a doll blanket and pillow!  This is a great starter sewing project since it's all straight stitching and pretty basic.

20" square of minky
20" square of cute cotton fabric
Two 8"10" rectangles of coordinating cotton
Strip of coordinating cotton that is 20" by 6" for ruffle

* Start by laying minky right side up and then cotton right side down on top of the minky. The right sides are facing each other.

* Pin all around edge and every couple of inches on the whole blanket. Minky will stretch as you sew so pinning a ton really helps keep the fabric aligned.

* Sew around the entire blanket, leaving 6 inches open for turning.

*Turn quilt right side out and straighten.  I even lightly press the edges of the quilt on the cotton side but not too much because it smushes the minky.

* Sew around edge of right side of quilt with a decorative stitch to close hole you left for turning.

Grab your strip of fabric for ruffle that is 20" by 6".
* Fold it in half lenghtwise and stitch along edge.

* Turn right side out.

*Iron the ruffle so the seam is in the middle.

*Line the short part of ruffle with edge of pillow and start sewing, be sure to backstitch!

* Every 1/2 inch or so fold the fabric a little for the messy ruffle.  It doesn't have to be exact or going the same direction each time.  The ruffle is meant to be messy and not perfect!

* After you sewed the top part of the ruffle, sew the bottom part.  This time you don't have to fold it just try to keep the folds the same as you did the top.

* Put right sides of pillow fabric together and sew around the pillow, leaving about 4-5 inches open for turning.
* Snip corners off and then pull pillow through opening so the pillow is right side out.

* Stuff pillow with batting and then hand stitch opening closed.

I made a whole pile of these a few weeks ago for the Water for Christmas charity shop and some for my nieces!  These are perfect for a little baby doll.

If you don't want to make one you can still buy two of the quilts from the Water for Christmas shop.  It's even 25% off right now and all the proceeds go to charity!  Amy Butler Doll Blanket and Pillow.

Patty Young Andalucia Doll blanket and pillow.

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