DIY Road for Play Cars {handmade holiday tutorial}

Are you almost ready for Christmas? Only 13 more days! I made a cute little felt road for my car obsessed nephew and I'm so excited to show you how to make one too! Including the cars this project costs about $10. Less if you use fabric from your stash! This would be such a fun toy for airline travel or even for keeping quiet during church.

Yellow Puffy Paint
1/2 yard fabric
White crayon
Template (I used train tracks, you could just design your own)
1 yard wide ribbon
1 yard skinny ribbon
Lighter (for sealing ends of ribbon)

Start by tracing out your roads.  I just used a white crayon and traced around the train tracks.  I made 14 straight roads and 8 curved roads.

Cut out the roads.

Make the center dashes with some yellow or white puffy paint.  I painted both sides of the curved roads but only one side of the straight roads.


They used to have these cute bags at the 100 yen store (dollar store) in Japan where they used ribbon instead of making a casing for a drawstring.  Since you don't have to sew the casing they are way easy to make.  Start by cutting out 4 pieces of fabric 13" x 15".

Take two pieces of the fabric and place right sides together.  Sew up the side, bottom and down the other side.

Take the other two pieces of fabric, put right sides together and sew up the side, sew the bottom but leave about 4 inches open for turning and sew down the other side.

Take the side with the bottom opening and turn it right side out.  Push it inside the other part of the bag.  The right sides should be facing each other and you should just see the other side.

Sew around the entire top of the bag.

Pull the right side of your bag out through the opening you left in the bottom.

Sew the opening of the bag closed.

Once the opening is sewed shut push that part of the bag back inside the other part.  Iron the bag and straight stitch around the top.

Now you are going to cut your ribbon to fit around the entire bag.  I like it to meet at one of the side seams.

Singe the ribbon with the lighter to seal it and keep it from fraying.

Attach the ribbon to the bag by sewing along the top of the ribbon and then the bottom of the ribbon.  Leave the ends of the ribbon open for the drawstring.  You could pin the ribbon to the bag where you want it attached.  I just used my sewing machine as a guide as I sewed the top part.  Not a perfect method but fast!

Put the skinny ribbon onto a safety pin and thread it through the casing you just made out of the wide ribbon.

Tie the ribbon into a knot and singe the ends so they don't fray.


All ready for gift giving.

Inspiration from here: Imagination Tree: Road Way Play!
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