Christmas Tree {ruffled garland tutorial}

I'm getting so excited for Christmas especially as I get more of the work done! I feel like it's hard to be the Mom and still enjoy the holidays. It's hard to get all the decorating and shopping finished plus orchestrate all the traditions and still feel fun and relaxed.

I made the garland out of drop cloth scraps.

1.Cut drop cloth into 3 inch strips.

2.Sew drop cloth strips together.

3. Ruffle down the middle of the strips.

Ruffler tip: The number one problem I have with my ruffler is that I forget to put the presser foot down. So if you are having ruffling problems check that first.

The ruffled drop cloth garland with a silver garland.  Love the shiny with the rustic.

Garland close up.

I think a silver star may have looked better but was really trying to not buy any new Christmas decor this year.  I did get the doilies at a garage sale earlier in the year and the wood ornaments I made.

The presents are all fake.  My preschooler would open them all if they were real and ruin all the Christmas surprises.  She helped me wrap them so we will see if she remembers that they are empty boxes or if she forgets and tears them all open!  The metal buckets are from a Farm supply store.

I spray painted and glittered some light bulbs I got at Goodwill for present decoration.

The paper is just regular brown kraft paper, the doilies came from Michaels and I bought the twine at a farm supply store.

Love it.  So glad it's finished.  Felt like I was buried in Christmas decor boxes for a week! Totally different than my tree from last year.

A little peek at the whole living room.  Someday I'm going to sew pillows for the couch.

Have you put up your tree?

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