Ana White Doll Bunkbed {Handmade holiday}

This is one of my favorite things we made this year. My husband and I built an Ana White Doll bunkbed for our daughter. I love it so much I kind of want to keep it for myself.

My biggest tip is to paint the boards after you cut them but before you assemble the bunk bed. The building wasn't too bad but painting between all the little slats took forever. Especially when I had to do it at night in the freezing cold garage so it stayed a secret. The paint is Behr's Refreshing Pool.

The adorable doll my Grandma made for her. My Grandma is SUPER talented and made me a very similar doll when I was little.  The doll pillow and blanket tutorial I posted yesterday.

Have you handmade some gifts this year? I'd love to see them!
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