Fall Coasters

I thought I'd show you how to make some easy Fall coasters.  They are super fun to have in your own house and great little gifts for friends or a hostess gift!


Start by gathering your supplies!
-4 white tiles-I got these at the Home improvement store for 15 cents each!  Be sure to get the totally flat ones since some come a little beveled.
-Mod Podge
-A foam brush for the mod podge
-Cork.  It comes in rolls at the office supply store.
-Really strong adhesive like E-6000 to glue the tile to the cork.
-Some cardstock cut slightly smaller than the coasters and decorative leaves.  I cut the leaves out with my silhouette machine but you can also buy them in little packages or just buy a leaf punch.
-Clear top coat spray to make your coasters water resistant.


Start by applying the mod podge glue to the back of the cardstock.


Then apply your paper to the tile and smooth out any little bumps or bubbles.


Then use the mod podge to glue your leaves onto the paper.


After the glue under the leaves and brown paper dries you put the mod podge glue over the whole tile.


Nice and even like this.  Let it dry about 15 minutes and put a second coat on and then after another drying time put a third coat on.


After the mod podge glue is all dry flip the tiles over and apply the E6000 adhesive to the back.


Then press the tiles down onto the cork and let them dry.


Then cut them out with a razor blade (be sure something is protecting the surface under your cork from the blade!)


Then spray 2 coats of clear top coat.


Ta-da!  Cute!


All wrapped up and ready to give away!

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