Mod Podge fabric dresser {tutorial}

I debated back and forth whether or not to even do this project.  I was so afraid that I was going to "ruin" a perfectly good dresser by gluing a million fabric pieces to it!  So glad I won the argument with myself and went for it!

Mod Podge Fabric dresser

This was the before.  I got this dresser for $10 at a garage sale.


I decided to jump on the Annie Sloan Chalk paint bandwagon and did Ellie's whole bedroom with that paint.  The dresser got 2 coats of Old white.  Then I used the mod podge to adhere the fabric.  I waxed the dresser AFTER I did the mod podge and didn't wax over the fabric parts.  I have a whole lot to say about chalk paint but I'm going to save it for later in the week when I talk about her bed and bookshelf.


The fabric I used was Amy Butler Love.  I am addicted to that fabric line.  It's the same fabric line I used in the craft room of our old house.  I cut a bunch of two inch squares.


I set up my pattern first and just did a drawer at a time.  Then I would just move a row, put the mod podge glue down with a foam brush and then set the fabric on top of the glue.  Very easy but took forever for the whole dresser.  Each drawer probably took 30 minutes or so.  After the mod podge dried under the fabric I put a coat of mod podge over the top of the fabric.


The little glass knobs came from Home Depot and the big pulls on the bottom I bought from ebay.


E loves it.  Says it's so pretty so I guess it was worth all the glue.

Mod Podge Fabric dresser

Done!  Total cost for the whole project was around $60.  But I'm not counting the cost for all the paint/wax just the cost of the amount I used.  One quart of the Annie Sloan chalk paint is $38 but I only used about 1/4 of the can.

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