Houndstooth stool

Houndstooth Stool

I am just loving houndstooth lately.  I've been on the look out for something to paint houndstooth and this little stool seemed like the perfect victim!  It was $6 but it was 1/2 off orange tags so I got it for $3!  Before.  Snooze.  Too boring.


I spray painted the whole thing white and then left it in the garage for a week.  Then I bought a houndstooth template from the silhouette store for $1.  I stuck the vinyl on there and then papered/taped off ALL the parts that I didn't want spray painted.  This was the biggest pain of the whole project and took the longest and I still ended up with a few spots of overspray.  After the vinyl was on and everything was taped/papered off I spray painted it black.  This is what it looked like after it dried overnight.


See the little overspray and parts where the black leaked under the vinyl?  I touched those up with a teeny tiny paintbrush and it took like 30 minutes.  Just want to be realistic because sometimes the before/after magic pictures in blog land make things look easier than reality!


LOVE how it turned out!




This is headed for the bathroom so I did a few coats of spray on polycrylic.
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