Do your chores!

All this summer fun is starting to wear on me!  Somedays I feel like I spend my whole day making sure all the kids in the house have fun.  Wiping up popsicle drips and washing swimsuits and making about a million sandwiches!

I got fed up last week after one more dripping swimsuit was left on the floor and I was picking up popsicle wrappers from all over the yard.  So I got to making some chore charts and our house has been so much happier this week.  I think the kids needed some work to appreciate their fun!

My Mom always said that kids need to learn step by step how to clean you can't just say "Go clean your room!" and expect anything to happen.  So growing up we had these VERY detailed step by step charts on how to clean just about every room in the house.  I can still vividly remember that the bathroom one was red because I HATED to clean the bathroom.  I made myself some this week and did it in google docs so everyone can enjoy them (Just don't print and sell them!).  I printed them on card stock and laminated them with my laminator that I bought from Amazon for $25.

Click here to go to google docs and print your own house cleaning how to.

The charts look like this and I made them for the kitchen, bedrooms, garage, living room and bathrooms.  Lots of detail so the kids know exactly what to do and what is expected of them.


This is my house command center.  It's in our laundry/mud room right as you walk in from the garage.

The dresser was $30 from Goodwill and I didn't take a before picture because I bought it the day after we moved into our new house.  I needed some post moving shopping therapy.  My father in law was here helping me unpack and I think he thought I was nuts when I got up the day after moving still surrounded by boxes and wanted to go to Goodwill for a dresser.  I spray painted the original knobs using Rustoleum Hammered spray paint in black and the pulls are from Habitat restore and were 10 cents each!

I did my usual, Clean, Prime, Paint and Polycrylic the top.


The color is Behr Windwood Spring.  I bought this quart of paint months ago because I loved the color and was just waiting for the perfect project.


The Calender is from Target and is by Mead-Organize her.  The two little corkboards are from the Japanese dollar store.  The little plastic basket is from Target in the dollar section and the magnetic paper organizer is also from Target and was $7.


The job chart I made myself with an old framed metal thing I already had. Just divided it into quarters with a magic marker and then slapped some vinyl letters on there from my silhouette.  The older kids jobs I just typed up, printed on cardstock then laminated.  I used a magnetic sheet on the back.  The little kids picture chores were 99 cents from the silhouette store then laminated with magnets on the back.

Menu and laminated how to kitchen chart.  The charts have been helping SO much.  I don't know about your kids but mine if told to go clean their room will shove everything under the bed or in the closet and try to call it good.  Now they know exactly what I expect and I can just smile and say "Sorry need to do number four, call me to come inspect again when it's done."  So much less frustration for the me and the kids.


Feeling so much more organized!  I've been working on the whole laundry room and have a little tour of the room coming up next week.

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