A little Christmas tour...

Welcome to my little Christmas tour.  This year we don't have a ton of decorations up because we have a toddler.  Toddler=Broken ornaments and unwrapped presents.  So everything we put out is hard to break or too big to throw.  Our living room has our "traditional tree" that we went and cut down all by ourselves.  For the past few years we've done a Japanese themed tree since we lived there for 6 years.  All of the ornaments are hand made and took FOREVER.  The skirt is this one from Pottery barn.  

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Gingerbread houses for lazy people...

I don't know when we started our gingerbread house tradition.  The one that doesn't involve any actual gingerbread.  Probably right after we got married because I didn't know how to make gingerbread or regular bread for that matter.  Anyway super easy and super fun.  The best part about it is that you can buy all the stuff and then suddenly decide it's the perfect time for gingerbread houses.  No cooking or preparing before hand.

We do ours with graham crackers and store bought frosting-you could make homemade too!  Then just buy various kinds of candy, M&M's, licorice, candy canes, gum drops and decorate away.  We cover cardboard with tin foil for our base and take little sandwich bags, fill with frosting and then cut one corner off to use as your piping bag.

Fun, easy.  The kids weren't hungry when it was time for dinner after finishing their houses.  Weird.  We did have some actual gingerbread this year.  Store bought gingerbread cookies live in our houses!

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The Water4Christmas Etsy shop is OPEN starting today.  So go BUY SOMETHING!  The great thing is that you get to buy something adorable from Etsy AND you get to help build wells in Africa.  I was so excited when I first heard about this project because I love helping people and I love crafting.  100% of the profits from the Etsy shop go to give clean water solutions to villages in Liberia.

I made 5 minky baby blankets.  They are about 30"x30" and Ellie's favorite type of blanket.  They have soft minky dot on one side and beautiful designer fabric on the other.  

My husband also helped me make 4 beautiful wooden doll cradles with ADORABLE matching pillows and blankets.  We originally got the Doll cradle pattern from Etsy to make Ellie's christmas present but then got permission from the seller to make some cradles for charity.  The cradles turned out WAY cute.  I seriously want to keep them all.  

So get Shopping!  

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