Satin fabric hair flowers...

So on my Thanksgiving vacation I learned how to make adorable satin hair flowers.  When I explained to the lady at the Utah fabric store what I was trying to make she acted like EVERYBODY but me knew how to make satin hair flowers already.  I feel crafty until I visit Utah and then I just feel incompetent.  It's like the craftiest place on earth.  Also VERY snowy, which made my kids super happy.  Especially our toddler who had never even seen snow!  On to the hair flowers.

You will need:

To be over 18 AND responsible.  We are dealing with fire.  I think it must be something about having 5 brothers but I LOVE fire so maybe I shouldn't have been doing this project.

Candle, Water-to extinguish small fires that you may start
Glue gun 
Satin-some melts more than others but it should be 100% polyester.  I don't know WHY it needs to be polyester but the fabric lady told me it needed to be and acted like it was totally obvious so I didn't ask her to elaborate.  I just went over to the fancy dress/halloween costume section and grabbed the kinds that I thought were pretty.  They also were all pink.  I got some see through satin too and it worked just as well.
Felt-for the back where you attach the hair clip
Hair clip-I like the metal alligator clips.  I buy them at Sally's Beauty supply and they come in packs of 100 for like $5.
Buttons-Cute ones, for the center of your flower.
Needle and thread-To sew your flower together and attach the button to the center.  My daughter is 2 and doesn't put stuff in her mouth so if you were making this for a small baby I would maybe just sew it and not put the button in the center or sew it a TON so the baby can't get the button off because they could choke.  Beauty is not worth choking over.

I only bought 1/4 of a yard of each satin I thought was pretty.  So for lots of satin, some cute buttons and clips it was less than $20.  I got a BUNCH of hair flowers.  Enough for my nieces and for daughter to throw on the floor in every store we walk into for the next few months.  We lose a lot of hair decorations.  Big sigh.  I bet 1/4 of a yard makes at least 4 hair flowers for babies and like 10 if you are doing toddler pig tail flowers which are smaller.

Start by cutting out 3 circles each slightly smaller than the next.  Some of my flowers I did 4 because I wanted to.  E's pig tails flowers are about 3 or 4 inches around.  I just eyeballed about how big I wanted the flower.

Then slowly melt the edges of the circle.  I didn't put the satin circle into the flame.  Just close enough to melt it.  If it lights on fire than stick it in a bowl of water.  Don't scream and light your hair on fire or drop it in your lap and light your pants on fire.  If you have boys then do this project after they are in bed so nobody gets any bad ideas.

This is how the "petals" should look after melting the edges.  Some of the satin curled up better than other kinds.  Cute!  Like little rose petals.

Now stack them together.  Put your adorable button in the center and sew them together.

Then flip the flower over and cut a little piece of felt slightly bigger than the hairclip and hot glue it to the back.  Then glue your hair clip to the felt.  If you want to be extra fancy you could cover your hairclip with ribbon just like if you were making a regular hairbow.  I didn't do that because Ellie will be losing this hair flower in Target in approximately three days so it isn't worth the effort.

Finished!!  Adorable hair flower.  I made 15 or so in about an hour while I watched TV.  I think I might even attach some pins to some and wear them on a cardigan.  It would be way cute.


More pink.

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