Easy Minky Receiving blanket tutorial...

My little girl LOVES minky fabric.  She has like 3 or 4 blankets made out of it and she insists on sleeping with them and dragging them all over the house.  They are kind of expensive to buy but SO easy to make.  For this blanket I used 1 yard of Michael Miller Kokeshi in pink and 1 yard of pink minky fabric.  The minky I bought came 60 inches wide so you could probably get 2 blankets out of a yard if you made them each 30x30.  I made my blanket 36x36 and used the extra minky for other projects.  Iron the printed fabric well before sewing.  It's not a good idea to iron the minky dot fabric because it will flatten the dots.

First I cut my printed fabric 36x36.

Then I layed it on top of my minky fabric and cut the minky with about 1/2 inch extra.  I like to have a little bit of room to make mistakes since I'm not so great when it comes to pinning.  It's always best to err on the side of caution then try to cut them perfectly the same and then find out the minky was a little stretched out and you don't have enough on one side.

Then put the fabrics right sides together.

Pin all around your blanket.  I'm lazy and only pin about 1 pin every 2-3 inches.

Now your blanket is all pinned and ready to sew.

Sew around the entire blanket.  I usually set my sewing foot so it's right on the edge of the printed fabric.  Remember to leave about a 6 inch opening so you can turn your blanket.

Now trim all the minky right up to the edge of your printed fabric.  Except your 6 inch section that you left for turning.  I usually leave about a 1/4 inch there.

Trim the corners.

Then turn the blanket right side out.  Smooth the edges and push the corners out.

Now sew around the blanket again being extra careful where the 6 inch opening was.  I usually use a decorative stitch for extra cuteness.

Done!  This seriously is such a fast project.  I admit to making one of these literally 30 minutes before going to a baby shower.  Makes a great gift for a new baby.  I bought the Michael Miller fabric for $7 a yard and the minky was $11 but I only used half of it.  So one blanket cost about $13.

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