Tutu Tutorial...

I love tutus.  In fact I really wish that I could wear them to the grocery store with a tiara.  But I'm pretty sure people would gawk and stare.  At least more then they do already.

So this is what you will need. 1 roll of tulle.  I used a 100 yard roll of baby pink from papermart.com.  It's 6 inches wide.  Some ribbon (grosgrain because I find the satin too slippery) some scissors and something rectangle.

First start by measuring around the tutu recipients tummy.  I chose to do this while my recipient was distracted.

Then tie 2 knots.  One on each end where the ribbon meets.  You want to leave extra ribbon after the knots so you can tie the tutu onto the little girl when the tutu is finished.  I like to leave about 15 inches on each side.   It's better to have too much ribbon that you can cut off later then too little.

Then start rolling your tulle around your rectangle.  I chose this paper holder because it was about as long as I wanted the tutu.  Wrap around and around until you think you have enough tulle for your tutu. You can also find a more detailed tulle cutting tutorial here: Fast way to cut tulle

Then cut the tulle once.

Now tie your ribbon around the box.

I like my tutus super poofy.  I think that a girl can never have a poofy enough tutu.  So I take two pieces of the tulle and stack them on each other.  Then you fold the 2 pieces in half and push it underneath the ribbon so it looks like this.

Then take the bottom parts of the tulle and put it over the ribbon and through the little hole.

Then pull down until it's tight but not too tight.  You don't want to tear your tulle.

The very first piece I usually tie into a little knot so that it doesn't slide off over the knot in the ribbon.

Then repeat the same process but don't make a knot.  Now it should look like this.

Now repeat 800 or so times. Until your tutu looks like this!

So pretty!

Now tie the ends into a little bow.

Now go find your tutu recipient and show her the new fancy tutu she has.  Be jealous that you aren't
under the age of 6 and can get away with wearing a tutu and tiara to the grocery store.
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