Fast, easy way to cut 6 inch tulle...

After 3 boys I finally had a girl last year.  One of the first things I decided to make her was a tutu.  Then I found out one of the ultimate tutu making truths.  As soon as one little girl has a tutu every little girl that you know is going to want one.  The tutu making is fast.  The tulle cutting was NOT.  I was measuring and cutting it each separately and it took FOREVER.  Then one day a lightbulb finally went off and I found something in my house to use as a template for cutting the tulle.

Now go walk around your house and find something rectangular that is the length plus about one inch as you want your tutu to be.

For me it was this mail box that I had sitting in the closet.  I bought the six inch tulle rolls from because they will ship to me.  I think 1 100 yard roll is enough for a super full fluffy tutu for a baby to a teen.  I've even made some for adults.  Every girl loves a tutu.

Now start wrapping the tulle around your box.  Over and over again.  It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned.  I usually set the tulle roll on the counter with something behind it (like the backsplash) and then start turning the box over and over.

Once you have all your tulle on the box.  Cut ONE time.  Just once.  Don't cut twice or your tulle will be too small.  Remember your box is the size that you want your tutu.  But when you make your tutu you will be folding the pieces in half.


Now in about 5 minutes you have all the tulle you need for one fancy tutu.  Don't start crying that you were spending an hour cutting 8 million pieces of tulle.  Just get on with making your tutu.

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