DIY Queen Headboard {Building}

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I've been showing you all the projects in my older brother's house but I did some fun projects in my little brother's house too!  Did you know I have FIVE brothers and SIX brother in laws? Please pause for a moment and send me cyber sympathy for the amount of teasing I've had to endure.

The biggest project at my little brother's house was his master bedroom.  My brother and his wife just graduated college and are going to be school teachers.  Bless them!  They wanted a grown up bedroom so we set to work.  I started by building the headboard using the Reclaimed Wood Headboard plans from Ana White.  And when I say me I actually mean my husband and his brother in law did most of the building.  I am still a VERY slow builder and they have years of experience building houses and all sorts of other things.  In a morning we built the board and batten wall, the mantel headboard, 2 laundry dressers and this headboard.

This was the room before.  My brother just bought a super cute house but it's older so the rooms aren't huge.  Plus the windows were in odd places so it was hard to figure out where to put the bed.

I sanded the whole headboard down with an orbital sander.  Then smashed a bunch of places with a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers to distress it.  Distressing furniture that you just built is stressful. I always feel like I'm ruining it and then as soon as I start staining it I wish I would have distressed more!  I used Minwax pre-stain wood conditioner which helps the stain penetrate the wood evenly.  I chose Minwax Jacobean stain followed with a few coats of Polycrylic.

The first picture is after the wood conditioner.  It doesn't have color in it and the wood just looks a little wet.  You apply the stain right after which is the second picture.

LOVE it!  The wood was less than $50.  Plus this is SUCH an easy plan and would be such a great one to start with if you are a new builder.

The whole room is pretty much a DIY.  I even made the duvet, nightstands another simple bench and painted the walls!  I bet right about now you are wishing I was your sister.  It still could happen for you.  I have a sister and brother that are still single.  LOL my sister is going to kill me for posting that.  My brother won't care because I don't think he knows I have a blog.

We arranged the room so the bed was in front of the window which was really the only place it would fit.  Do you like beds in front of windows?

The little dresser got moved over on the other wall to give walking space at the end of the bed.  They really needed the storage and that was the only spot it would fit.  The silver mirror was $20 at the thrift store and I spray painted it.

Monday I'll give you a whole how to on the duvet.  It was so easy and inexpensive!

This is also the same bed that my teenager has in his room.  But his was aged with steel wool and vinegar.


  1. Brook love the planked wood dark stained as usual (but I still love your son's version better!). Hope school starts soon for your kids, I'm counting down the days.

  2. I love your headboard! The dark stained one is my fav.....gorgeous! Your post is very inspriring....I just might have to make one myself......thanks for sharing! I hope your brother likes it b/c I think it turned out great!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  3. Brooke, love your blog! Found you on HOH, and I'm really enjoying it! This headboard is fabulous, and what a deal!
    I'll be subscribing!

    Barbara @ Chase the Star :)

  4. What a great job you did for your brother and sister in law. I know they are glad they have you in the family! That's a huge family by the way!!! I love big familys! I'm pinning this because my son and his wife are also in need of some master bedroom spiffing up. This would be perfect for them!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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  7. My husband and I love this! If fact, we love it so much we are doing this look on our entertainment center AND making this headboard. Beautiful job!


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